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Youth Leadership

The Wesley Center for Family and Neighborhood Development is working to nurture and develop ethical youth and young adult leaders committed and equipped to making positive changes in their communities.

The Wesley Center’s youth leadership development initiatives and programs include the following:

Dove Springs Youth Leadership Training Institutewhere youth and young adults can participate in leadership development seminars, workshops, exercises, and retreats.

The Institute offers 26 distinct trainings in the following areas:

Leadership Self Assessment and Self-Mastery
Dove Springs Youth Leadership Institute
Seminars, Workshops, Training Modules

Leadership Self Assessment and Self-Mastery

01. Finding the Leader in You Workshop
02. Finding Your Passion and Purpose Workshop
03. Developing Your Personal Mission Statement Workshop
04. Your Dreams, Hopes, Goals Workshop
05. Leadership Skills Assessment Workshop
06. The Whole Leader            Seminar
07. My Roots, My Culture, My Cultural Wealth Seminar
08. Value Clarifications Seminar
09. Winning Attitudes and Habits Seminar
10. Listening, Learning, Leading Workshop

Leadership Skills
Dove Springs Youth Leadership Institute
Seminars, Workshops, Training Modules

01. Learning to Think Strategically Seminar
02. Persuasive Communications Seminar
03. Relationship Building 101 Seminar
04. Networking 101 Workshop
05. Finding Common Ground Seminar
06. Multiple Intelligences Workshop

Community Development Competencies
Dove Springs Youth Leadership Institute
Seminars, Workshops, Training Modules

Community Development Competencies

01. Using Technology for Community Change Seminar
02. Effective Community Engagement Seminar
03. Youth as Community Builders Seminar
04. Servant Leadership Workshop
05. Youth as Facilitative Leaders Seminar
06. Media Literacy Seminar
07. Effective Civic Engagement Seminar
08. Planning for Action Workshop
09. Power Analysis 101 Workshop
10. Social Justice Leadership Seminar

Dove Springs Youth Civic Organization—where Dove Springs youth and young adults aged 16-21 will be able to join a youth organization dedicated to positively transforming their community.


Dove Springs Youth Leadership Summit—where over 200 Dove Springs youth and young adults will gather in a day long leadership summit on the challenges facing Dove Springs youth and successful leadership strategies for meeting these challenges. The Youth Leadership Summit is scheduled for Fall 2008.


Community Asset Mapping Project—where a cadre of 10-12 youth and young adults are trained in using technology to identify, map, and utilize community youth assets and social networks that can be mobilized for social change.


Emerging Civic Leaders Program—where Dove Springs youth and young adults will prepare themselves to take and exercise socially conscientious and meaningful leadership in the public arena