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The Wesley Center for Family and Neighborhood Development envisions communities where individuals and families can grow, thrive, live in peace and justice with one another and experience God’s love and purposes for themselves and their communities.

Our Purpose

The Wesley Center is a non-profit, faith-based organization whose mission is to serve as a catalyst, especially in the Dove Springs area in Southeast Austin, for empowering youth, strengthening families and transforming neighborhoods.

Our Initiatives

Capacity Building:  Strengthen the abilities of individuals, families, and community organizations to respond effectively to the challenges facing them and their communities and to enhance their quality of life.

Research and Innovation:  Foster innovation in community building, neighborhood regeneration, family strengthening and positive youth development by identifying best practices and conducting applied research.

Leadership Development:  Nurture, develop and train community and church leaders committed to bring about positive social change in their communities and who are equipped with the necessary competencies, skills, and strategies.

Family Strengthening: Empower and equip families to be transformational leaders in nurturing their children, families, and communities to realize their full potential.

Positive Youth Development:  Foster familial and community environment where youth feel valued, useful, spiritually grounded, and where their gifts and talents are transformed into leadership competencies and commitments.

Civic Engagement:  Train and equip residents, families, and community groups with competencies and capacities to engage in effective and meaningful participation in decision making processes which affect their families and their neighborhoods.